Our Story

At Saintpaulia, we produce wines that take us back to our roots—community, story, and the goodness of a shared meal. We are a multi-generational, family-run winery that embraces sustainable vineyard management and Old World winemaking practices. Our team isn’t afraid to take risks in our cellar. We intentionally limit our scale to ensure the clearest expression of Washington’s unique terroir. With an innovative spirit and partnership with some of the finest growers in the State, we craft exceptional wines that pay homage to home.


The Saintpaulia Family

In 1994, Paul Shinoda founded Saintpaulia on his commercial greenhouse property in Snohomish, Washington. Paul named the winery after the African violets he cultivated in his greenhouses. Allyse Ingalls, Paul’s granddaughter, spent her childhood skipping between both worlds––the smell of fermenting Cabernet blending with the scents of warm potting soil. In 2006, Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was forced to stop making wine, but he continued to share his passion for fine wine with his loved ones.

In 2016, Paul, Allyse, and her partner, John Metcalf, collaborated on their first vintage together with an emphasis on high-elevation Syrah and Riesling, and a new vision for the winery was born. Allyse focuses on sourcing sustainably-grown fruit from accomplished farmers to pair with Paul’s Old World winemaking practices. Today, with the dedicated support of family and friends, Saintpaulia has become a thriving wine community.

It’s our belief that simple acts of breaking bread and sharing wine together can foster community and cultivate lasting relationships.